Thursdays @ the Dulwich Constitutional Club


4.00pm - 5.00pm Stagecraft

5.00pm - 6.00pm Speech & Drama with Performing Arts


Thursday 12 May

Thursday 19 May

Thursday 26 May

Thursday 9 June  

Thursday 16 June 

Thursday 23 June

Thursday 30 June

Thursday 7 July



£96 per term (8x lessons at £12 per lesson)

£160 per term for both Stagecraft and Speech and Drama with Performing Arts Lessons (16x lessons at £10 per lesson)


Speech & Drama with Performing Arts (1hr): 


Our Speech and Drama classes teach a range of valuable communicative skills. We will explore texts such as monologues, poems, speeches and scripts. We will focus on developing skills in character development, improvisation, movement, gesture, posture and vocal technique. We can help your child improve their presentation skills, work in a team, play drama games, build their confidence and help them to develop empathy for others. The lessons would focus on speech and drama for 30minutes and then a different performing art specialism each week. Examples will include: 

• Stage combat 

• Poetry

• Dance and Physical Theatre  

• Singing and Soundscapes

• Dramatic responses to ‘News & what’s going on in the world’. Creating a safe space for kids to discuss relevant issues.

• Scene devising

• Performing with masks

• Puppetry

• Audition technique training


Stagecraft (1hr):


Examples of weekly modules (some of which would tie in with Speech & Drama) will include: 

• Prop making

• Costume design

• Set design

• Lighting

• Sound in theatre, film and live events

• Film making

• Mask making

• Puppet making

• Run your own casting


Children will get to take home what they have made or designed. 

Speech & Drama with Performing Arts




Have you got an important audition for a role in the school play, a casting for a TV drama, a commercial or film?

We have worked with the best Hollywood and West End casting directors in the world. We can guide you through what to expect in a casting and help you with your audition piece, so that you feel confident, relaxed and well prepared. 

Film, TV, Theatre Audition conditioning workshop: 

1 hour  -  £30


For all ages, adults and children.

To make a BOOKING, please click on the CONTACT page.


Our Speech and Drama classes teach a range of valuable communicative skills. We will explore texts such as monologues, poems, speeches and scripts. We will focus on character development, improvisation, movement, gesture, posture, vocal technique and speech therapy. We can help your child improve their presentation skills, work in a team, play drama games, build their confidence and help them to develop empathy for others.


Speech & Drama workshop: 


45 mins - £15 private lesson per student

1 hour group session - £12 per student


For all children aged 4yrs - 18yrs.




1 hour - Private Lesson - £30

2 hours  - Private Lesson - £60

6 hours - Group Weekend Workshop - £120

Please email for further info.

TUITION can be arranged at a LONDON VENUE or we can even give the ONE to ONE lessons over SKYPE.


To make a BOOKING or ENQUIRY, please click on the CONTACT page.

Tel: +44 (0)7922 141 217 


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